Chen`s Taichi Vol 2 - Old Frame One & Two

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Volume 2 is composed of three sections, a 105 page introduction, a 220 page section covering the foundation form (Laojia yilu) and 70 pages covering the Cannon Fist (laojia erlu.) There is a sustantial introduction covering taijiquan theory. It offers a brief history (15 pages), brief sections on the characteristics and effectiveness of Chen Style Taijiquan. Next is a substantial section (16 pages) on body requirements (shen fa) followed by a section on training methods and steps. It includes an excellent essay on Basic Training Principles. It does not duplicates the basic elements of loosening exercises and standing exercises (zhang zhaung) which can be found in Vol. 1.) There is a section on silk reeling exercises, single and double hands as well as stepping silk reeling exercises, which are similar but not identical to those found in Volume 1. The most significant part of the book is a description with pictures of Chen Zheng Lei’s foundation form, (laojia yilu - old frame first form.) The smaller third section cover the second form (laojia erlu,) commonly referred to as cannon fist (pau chui) and similar comments apply. This is a definitive work on taijiquan and it will provide the serious student with years of benefit.

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