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Grand Master Wang Hai Jun's

Next Taijiquan Limerick Seminars

Wang Hai Jun will next be in Limerick on Sunday May 14th  2017.

He will teach a half-day seminar covering the Laojia Yilu (Foundation Form) in the morning and an 18 Step seminar in the afternoonExact seminar times and details below. 


18 Step Seminar 

An 18 Step seminar will also be held on Sunday 14th May 2017

from 11.00pm to 13.30pm.  Cost is €55

This seminar content will be aimed at those who recently completed the 18 step. 


Laijia Yilu (Foundation Form) Seminar

The Laojia Yilu half-day seminar will be on Sunday 14th May

from 15.00am to 7.30pm and will cost €55


Space is limited so there will be a maximum of 20 people at each seminar. Contact Nick to book a place or for more information on 061-923023 or nickgudge@gmail.com