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 Next Beginner's Taiji Classes will start in January 2017

on Wednesday 18th January from 8.05pm to 9.35pm 

(click here for more Information or here to download a form to Register)


 Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun's Next Seminars in Limerick

Sunday 12th  February 2017 from 11.00am



 Nick's Spring Camp in Poland teaching Laojia Yilu 

starts Monday 27th February 2017 from 7.00am


This website is mostly a repository of some of my writings. I write primarily to try and clarify my thinking and refine my understanding. Most of the articles to be found here were not aimed at improving other’s understanding but at improving mine. They were derived from experience primarily. It is as a consequence of others asking to read them that I have rewritten and put them into the public domain. Initially I have put up the pieces I think most helpful to see how it goes. Any comments suggestions or criticisms are welcome. Please feel free to copy them but please acknowledge where they came from.

About Nick Gudge

I was born in 1962, come from a very large family and have travelled widely. I have lived in County Clare since 1994. I live with my partner Kim & our three children. We live in a house we designed and built with a garden and orchard we designed and planted.  I value honesty and integrity: I respect these and perseverance greatly. I am a fairly private person.

My Thanks to My Teachers

Wang Hai JunI have had many people try to teach me and many more inspire me. Only a few of these have been my teachers although many have inspired me. Highest of these are my partner Kim and my children Rowan, Amber and Cormac. They continue to suffer my foibles without too much complaint for which I am very grateful.

In Taijiquan my greatest teacher is Wang Hai Jun to whom I own almost all my understanding.

In Woodwork my greatest teacher was Derek Glew.

In Education my greatest teachers have been my partner Kim and my children Rowan, Amber and Cormac

In Building I am particularly indebted to Ewen McEwan: I wish him well on his journey.

In Gardening I thank the garden itself which has guided me to something inspirational and beautiful.

My thanks to all those who have helped me on my way and borne the brunt of my enquiries and investigations and willingly ‘suffered’ in conversation and discussion with me. I remain dedicated to life long learning.



What is NEW on my website?

New Book Review: Demystifying Tai Chi Chuan Added Nov 2014

New Book Review: Chen's Taichi Vol 5 Spear & Push Hands Added Nov 2014

New Book Review: Chen's Taichi Vol 4 Sword, Saber & Baton Added Nov 2014

New Book Review: Chen's Taichi Vol 3 New Frame Added Nov 2014

New Book Review: Taijiquan - Cultivating Inner Strength Added Nov 2014

New Book Review: Chen Family Taijiquan 25 Key Disciplines Added Nov 2014

New Article: Turning, Twisting & Coiling in MORE ADVANCED TECHNICAL ARTICLES added in Jan 2013 

My website went live on Thursday August 15th 2012 with most of the TAIJIQUAN section being available.